Metal Ions in Biological Systems

MetalBIO is a Galician Network for Research on Metal Ions in Biological systems. Our major research interest is on the role of metallocompounds in different processes. MetalBIO is an interdisciplinary network that includes chemists, biologists, pharmacists and biochemists. It is financed by the Consellería de Cultura, Educación e Ordenación Universitaria (Xunta de Galicia, Code ED431D 2017/01) and coordinated by Prof. Marcelino Maneiro from University of Santiago de Compostela.


Success in the announcement of Networks of Excellence

Research groups from MetalBIO Network are part of three proposals of  Networks of Excellence arisen from the meeting ESMetalBIO. The three proposals have been evaluated very positively and conceded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. The new networks are "Biomimetic metallic complexes: Utilisation of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide", coordinated by professor M. Basallote, "Metals in therapy and diagnostic", coordinated by professor P. Gámez, and the "Network of metallic ions in biological systems", coordinated by the professor E. M. Vázquez-López.



Workshop Invesconnecta

From 21 to July 23 will be held Invesconnecta, a MetalBIO Workshop, as a meeting point between business and research, and also a work program to develop proposals for networks of excellence announced by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad. To consult the program click here.



Workshop ESMetalBIO

ESMetalBIO Workshop has been celebrated in Cadiz on June 17. This event has brought together more than twenty-five research groups in the field of Bioinorganic Chemistry from 15 Spanish universities, such as Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Universidade de Vigo, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad de Cádiz, Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Universidad del País Vasco- Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, Universitat de les Illes Balears, Universitat de València, Universidad de Burgos, Universidad de Murcia, Universidad de Granada and Universidad de Jaén. Each research group has done a presentation on the status of its investigation prior to analyze possible avenues of cooperation to develop joint both Spanish and European level actions.



MetalBIO research prize

MetalBIO Research Award has as objective to encourage and promote scientific and informative activity among the students of the Galician universities, seeking to advance awareness of the importance of research, particularly in the field of bioinorganic chemistry and biochemistry, as a way to the progress of society. Deadline July 10. About 1000 euros in prizes. Consult the prize's rules.



MetalBIO actively participates in the IX Reunión Científica de Bioinorgánica

The research groups of the MetalBIO network play a leading role in the IX Reunión Científica de Bioinorganica held in Cadiz from 14 to 17 June. Two invited lectures and three oral communications from MetalBIO are included in this scientific event. Prof. Ezequiel Vazquez, from UVIGO, will present a lecture at this conference entitled “Carbonilcomplejos de renio(I) en el diseño de radiofármacos”, while prof. Marcelino Maneiro, from USC, will talk about “Estrategias biomiméticas para fotosíntesis artificial”. Submissions by M. Luz Duran, Arantxa Pino and Ana Belen Lago, were selected for oral presentation. More information on the conference's official website.




MetalBIO promotes a summer course which intended as a meeting between companies and university

The MetalBIO network is involved in the organization and promotion of the summer course "Challenges and opportunities of the chemical process industry" at the Universidade de Verán 2015. This course will be held at the Faculty of Sciences in Lugo from 20 to 23 July. The summer course seeks to identify the innovation needs of the industry and also it intends to project the university research as a way forward in overcoming these needs. The course involves the participation of managers and professionals from companies in the sector (Bgal, Votorantim Cimentos, Alcoa, Feiraco, Ence, AMSlab, Xenotechs Lab, Galchimia), researchers, and innovation-transfer agents. More information in the events section. The registration period is open from May 11 to July 10. 



Institutional declaration on strengthening the R&D system

The MetalBIO research network, that brings together research groups of the Galician universities studying the role of metal ions in biological media, claims through an institutional declaration, the need for a commitment to strengthening  R&D system, which should translate in increased public and private investment in research. This statement was made in the context of a seminar in which members of the research network discussed and analyzed the funding opportunities nowdays.



Follow MetalBIO in the social networks

With the opening of the channel on YouTube, MetalBIO research network completes the first phase of the program visibility on social networks. In addition to the videos of this new audiovisual channel, you can follow the news about the network activity via the page of Facebook, which exceeds 2,000 followers, or Twitter account. The access to these three social networks is linked to this site through the icons at the upper right part. On the other hand, the website is available in Galician, Spanish, English and Portuguese following access linked through the flags located above the icons of social networks.




MetalBIO organizes a seminar on funding opportunities for research

On 8-10 May 2015, calls from European Horizon 2020 program and other international programs (COST actions, Ciência sem Fronteiras, Pein etc.) will be presented. Details of this conference program will be available soon in the events section.



Metal ions in biological systems, a scientific symposium organized by MetalBIO

A scientific meeting has been held at the Faculty of Sciences of the Campus of Lugo (USC). The symposium was divided on four scientific blocks: Perspectives in bioinorganic chemistry, Biomimetic Models, Functional Metal complexes, and Biochemical tools for Bioinorganic Chemistry. Book of abstracts is available on the events section.

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